the Beauty of Golf car warranty on any brand

How to protect your investment at Best.

With the weather warming up, the sun shining, you’re ready to enjoy your golf car. Imagine something goes wrong—an expensive part breaks- and you’re suddenly faced with thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket repairs. 

These fixes are an unfortunate reality, but Best is here to help with our Platinum Warranty. In this post we’ll give you an overview of this small investment that truly sets us apart from the area’s other golf car retailers!

First, our Platinum Warranty costs $1,995, is valid for four years, and applies to both new and refurbished cars. During that time, you are entitled to eight preventative maintenance visits, or two per warranty year. When the warranty expires you also have the option to renew for $3,500. This includes new batteries (if your car is electric) and four more years of coverage. 

Many expensive parts are also covered in that time frame, and coverage starts from the car’s delivery date. These include all electrical and mechanical components, all chargers, the motor and drivetrain, and all gas engine components. Accessories are also covered for up to 12 months from manufacturer defects. 

Second, We don’t just protect electronics, accessories, and engine repairs, though. Our warranty gives you the advantage of 20% discounts on all parts and accessories as well as golf car rentals. You are even guaranteed a trade in value of 35% if you’d like to change vehicles. 

On top of all this, we’ll loan you a golf car for free if repairs take longer than two days. Members also get bumped to the front of the service line. Did we mention that as a Platinum Member you won’t even have to leave your house? That’s right. One of our highly experienced technicians will come to you! 

If you’re not sure you want a warranty, some common golf car problems are worth noting. These often include the ignition, motor, solenoids, direction switches, and speed controls. Shocks, batteries, and clutches often need attention as well, and these repairs can quickly cost much more than your coverage. 

Chances are you use your golf car quite a bit, and you’ll likely have to make an expensive repair sooner or later…Why not protect your vehicle and your peace of mind with the Best Platinum Warranty? It’s as easy as calling or visiting our page –

Call Best Golf Cars today to learn more about your warranty options!