Service you can not beat, test us!

With consistency, reliability, and customer care, Best has been known as the area’s leading golf car retailer for over 30 years. But what we do goes beyond our showrooms and into the workshop. We’ve recently expanded into a new building devoted just to golf car services. 

Repairs are a reality of owning any golf car, but thousands of dollars in surprise costs is optional. Best makes this process stress-free, and today we’ll talk about what makes our service contracts special. 


We handle all makes and models including Club Car, Tomberlin, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, Garia, and Star Car. No matter what you drive, we can help. You don’t even have to leave home—our technicians come to you!

Additionally, all Best customers enjoy one free visit after their golf car purchase. During this visit, we’ll check alignment, inspect the back end, and test all-electric cars’ batteries. 

After this check, you have the option to purchase one of our service contracts. One-year packages include two visits (one every six months) and are $300 for electric cars and $325 for gas. Our two-year plan includes four visits (one every six months) at $550 for electric and $600 for gas.

The Gas Contract

The Gas Service Contract covers the most common gas engine issues. On visits, we change oil, oil filters, and fuel filters. We also check and replace spark plugs, air filters, and starter/drive belts as needed according to the Club Car maintenance schedule. This schedule recommends the first service at 50 usage hours followed by one per every 100 hours. 

The Electric Contract

For the Electric Contract, we perform a computer diagnostic to test for various problems. We also check and adjust the batteries’ water levels. 

Shared Services

The Gas and Electric Contracts cover many of the same areas. 

We inspect both cars for any damage and excessive wear. Specifically, we look at the suspension, grease the front end, and adjust its alignment. We check tires for wear and outer wall cracking and adjust pressure as needed. We also check and adjust the brakes.


We make sure all your accessories are working properly, and we pay special attention to electrical components as well. This includes terminal spray on all battery connections and adjustments for each electrical connection.If we find any faults or recalled parts covered under the Club Car or Best Warranty, we’ll replace them for free!

Protecting Your Purchase

Don’t let surprise repair costs hold you back this summer. Take advantage of a Best Service Contract and we’ll get you back outdoors in no time.

Call today to discover more about your coverage options!