Preparing Your Golf Cart For Long Term Storage

Winterizing your Club Car golf cart, or preparing it for long-term storage for any reason, is very important to help prolong its life. It also helps to ensure that it is safe to operate once you are ready to use it again.

Getting Started

The first step to prepare your golf cart for extended periods of storage is to wash it well. Use a good soap and degreaser. Any dirt, dust, pollen, or sap left to sit for months will be much more difficult to remove later. It can also cause discoloration and staining. Any salt left on metal parts can cause corrosion which is unsightly, and can be unsafe for things like the wheels, motor, and frame.

Change your fluids

Next, inspect your golf cart from top to bottom. Look for any damage or parts in need of repair or replacement. Be sure to check your brakes and tires for signs of wear. Make sure that your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure as shown on the sidewall. If the brakes or tires show significant wear, replace them to avoid accidents or injuries.

If you have a gas powered golf cart, replace your air and fuel filters. Change your oil, oil filters, and check your spark plugs as well. Replace any fouled spark plugs. Drain the fuel tank and run the engine until it stops. Remove all of the fuel from the system to prevent any build-up as it sits and is not being used. Top off any other fluids.

Check your batteries

Both electric and gas golf carts should have extra distilled water added to the batteries from time to time. This should be done before storage too. Leave the battery cables disconnected and clean the terminals. Coat the terminals with an anti-corrosion gel.

Extended parking location

Park your golf cart in an enclosed area like a garage or storage unit if possible. If this is not an option, cover it with a sturdy, high-quality cover to protect it from the elements. Secure the cover well so that it does not blow off.

When parking your golf cart long-term, place it in neutral. If you have a tow switch, set it. Do not engage the parking brake. You donโ€™t want to have continuous pressure on the brake lines because it can cause too much strain. Block all of the tires with wood or brick stops. 

If you prefer to leave this type of preparation to the professionals, Best Golf Cars can help! Preventative maintenance can be managed through one of our Service Plans. We will send a certified technician to you twice a year. Our Service Plan members also qualify for other discounts as well. Contact us today to learn more about the Service Plans that we offer and all of their benefits.

Following the right steps to winterize your golf cart, or to prepare it for long-term storage any time of the year, will help protect your investment. It will be in peak performance when you are ready to ride.