Luxury Meets Performance – Garia Golf Cars & LSV

Are you ready for the finest in luxury golf cars? Look no further than Garia. 

Founded in 2005, this privately-held Danish brand is the world’s first and only luxury golf car company. Their vehicles are ready for conventional and street use and come in two-, four-, and six-seater versions.

Whether it’s just you or a few friends, Garia will give you style, convenience, and reliability for your leisure time.

Safety, Luxury, and Reliability

There are many ways these vehicles are unique. 

First, each Garia comes with a carefully-welded aluminum chassis. These give the lightest weight possible while also preventing corrosion. This is especially helpful with Myrtle Beach’s high summer humidity and salty beaches. 

Excellent handling and safety are made possible by enhancing the car’s brakes and suspension. The brakes use the same hydraulic system as today’s street cars and are on all four wheels. Garia’s front ends use double wishbone suspension for the best stability while driving.

Second to none is Garia’s emphasis on comfort and aesthetics. 

The dashboard uses materials found in standard automobiles, giving Garias the feel of a street car. This is in addition to a waste bin and cup holders that make it easy to stay refreshed and tidy. There is even a mini refrigerator option that can keep several drinks cool all day. 

purple garia lsv dash with white accents

You can quickly access your most used items with golf ball and tee holders as well as a charging port for your devices. Glossy mudguards cover the front and rear wheels, giving an attractive touch to even the car’s least glamorous job. 

To top it all off, you can custom design your own using Garia’s website. 

Hitting the Road 

With this quality it’s no surprise that Garia ranks highly—often first—in many golf outlets. They have even been used by the likes of Beatriz Recari, George Strait, and Bubba Watson. 

But in case you needed another reason to consider the brand, they also offer street-legal cars. 

The Garia Vias are a luxury golf cars specially designed for street use in the United States. 

With a top speed of 25 mph, the standard Via is ideal for two people switching between the golf course and the road.

The Via 2+2 gives the same enjoyment, but in a four-person car with two subtle rear seats. 

Each street-legal Garia also features automatic braking. This system triggers after a short delay of 2-3 seconds, giving the vehicles the perfect blend of safety and convenience. 

gria brake pedal and gas pedal

Since Myrtle Beach’s hotels, golf courses, and attractions are so close to one another, the Vias are an excellent transportation option around our area. 

What are you Waiting for?

So are you ready to be part of the worldwide luxury golf car experience? As the beach’s premier golf car retailer, Best Golf Cars is here to help. 

Call one of our three convenient locations today to find the right Garia for you!