How Club Car Outperforms the Competition

You’ve seen them everywhere—on the greens, in the street, at hotels, and on job sites. Indeed, Club Car’s iconic vehicles are a given in work and leisure around the globe. But have you ever wondered why these vehicles are so popular?

The answer is their first-rate design and quality. But what does this mean exactly? In today’s article, we’ll answer this question and show why they might just be your match!

They’re Built Differently

Club Car understands the importance of a golf cart’s frame. After all, it’s the vehicle’s literal skeleton. This understanding is so deep that they go the extra mile with aluminum frames. 

The aluminum frames’ built-in ladder boxes make for thicker, stronger, and lighter support. Furthermore, they’re rust-free and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for humid climates. They’re the perfect Myrtle Beach golf car!  

How Club Car Outperforms the Competition

They’re a Lot Like Your Car 

They might not go as fast, but Club Cars share a key similarity with your automobile: an independent front suspension. As the name implies, this means that both wheels move independently of one another. For users, the end result is a smoother, safer, more comfortable ride with better traction.

These vehicles have a true rack and pinion steering system, too. It consists of a pinion (a circular gear) with a rack (a linear gear). In turn, these let the car convert revolving motion into linear motion. The major plus is a sensitive, tight, responsive turn that is more precise and safer than many other golf car brands.

They’re a Fast Fix

A significant drawback of newer alternative golf cart brands like Bintelli and Evolution is that they source parts abroad. What this can mean for consumers is knockoff designs with limited availability. Therefore, buying these alternative brands could limit you in the long run with hard-to-get, unreliable parts.

On the other hand, Club Car fixes this problem with parts that Best Golf Cars can easily source and install. 

They Add a Nice Touch

Still need more Club Car benefits? For starters, you can pair them with numerous internationally-recognized  Curtis electrical components. In addition, Club Car’s Onward model provides premium seating with the comfort of an automobile. Their 6-passenger model also gives you ample middle-row seating space compared to other brands. 

If you want a superior, safer golf car that will last decades, Club Car is your best bet!

Come Ride the Best

Ready to join the club? Best Golf Cars sells and maintains Club Cars and other major brands. We also make golf cart rental a cinch so you can have the most fun this summer. 
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