Golf Car vs Golf Cart – What is the Difference?

Aren’t they the same thing? Although the terms “golf car” and “golf cart” are often used interchangeably, by definition, these are two very different things. This month we will explore these two terms in order to understand the differences between them.

What is a Golf Cart?

To understand the nature of these vehicles, we need to look back to their origins. The golf cart began as a tool on the golf course to assist with transporting heavy golf clubs and equipment from hole to hole. They were simple wheeled carts that the golfer or caddy pushed or pulled. Some models were similar to rickshaws and could transport golfers as well. This term has become so synonymous with golf cars that it is difficult to find one in a google search. The term push golf cart is more commonly used to refer to this specific device.

Along came Golf Cars

As technology continued to advance, so did the equipment on the golf course. Small motorized golf cars became popular in the 1950s. These small cars shortened the time that it took to travel around the course, and they also lessened the need for a caddy to carry bulky golf bags. Golf cars have mostly relegated golf carts obscure on most Myrtle Beach golf courses.

Since these vehicles are self-propelled, they are classified as golf cars by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Technically, to be considered a golf cart, the vehicle must be pushed or pulled by a person, animal, or motorized vehicle.

golf car in Myrtle Beach

These low speed vehicles are increasingly popular both on and off of the golf course. They provide a more relaxed means of transportation with infinite customization options.

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