lsv conversions: how to master the Course & the Street

Have you ever wanted to use your golf car to explore beyond the course? Have you even thought about making it street legal with an LSV conversion?

This change is possible by converting your golf car into a low-speed vehicle (LSV). However, many people don’t know the differences between the two since they look and operate in similar ways. 

In this post we’ll talk about the legal and mechanical requirements for both. We’ll also give a rundown of everything you need for converting a golf car to an LSV in South Carolina

Before we start, it’s important to note that Best only converts electric cars to LSVs.

low speed vehicle conversion lsv

South Carolina’s Golf Car Laws


You must be a 16-year-old, licensed driver to legally drive a golf car. You must have your license with you even if you are accompanied by an adult. 

Hours and Places

You can drive a golf car only during daylight hours and you may drive on secondary highways and streets during this time. You must stay within four miles from the address listed on the golf car’s registration while driving it. 


There are a few required documents if you are not driving on your own property. You need your license to drive on public roads as well as a permit from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. You must also carry proof of insurance.


It is illegal to drive your golf car while drinking or under the influence. Doing either of these can result in a DUI charge. 


Lastly, if you allow an underage child to drive, you can be held legally responsible if they get into an accident. You may also be financially liable for any damages they cause.

South Carolina’s LSV Laws

As with golf cars, LSVs can only be operated by a licensed driver with a SCDMV permit and proof of insurance. 

That said, there are different safety regulations for LSVs in South Carolina. To be safe and legal, an LSV must have each of the following: 

1. A complete lighting system including headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights. 

2.  DOT tires.

3.  A DOT windshield and manual wiper.

4.  A speedometer and odometer.

5.  A motor that reaches speeds from 21 to 25 MPH.

6.  Retractable seat belts for each seat.

7.  A lighted license plate holder.

8.  Reflectors on the car’s sides.

9.  Side mirrors. 

10. A horn.

11. A serial number converted to a VIN number. (This allows a them to issue certificate of the title . In turn, this allows the car to be sold and registered.)

Ready to Get Started?

Best leads the Myrtle Beach area in golf cars to LSV conversion and we’re here to help you venture from the course to the road. 

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start. Call us today to begin your LSV conversion!