Do you know how to care for your custom electric golf cart? Follow the tips below to keep your new cart operating at its best for years to come.

Charge Properly

If you have just finished 18 holes of golf, or driven the equivalent distance, you need to charge your custom electric golf cart. You should also check the charge ammeter, which is the meter on the charger itself. You have to make sure that it is switched on. If you touch the charger, it will be hot to the touch, and this could last for as long as 18 hours. Some golf carts come with an LED charge indicator in the dash. 

Maintain the Battery

As golf cart batteries age, they start to use more water. You need to check the water every other month during the first year, and every month during the golf cart’s second year. After the second year, it should be monitored every two weeks. Don’t forget to fill to ¼ inch below the split ring’s bottom. The water must be added once you are finished charging. Doing so before charging could lead to the bubbling over of the battery electrolyte during charging. In case the plates are exposed, you should add enough water at about 1/18 inch of the plates before you charge the batteries. Fill the batteries with treated or distilled water.

The batteries must also be free from corrosion or dirt to prevent too much self-discharge, so you have to clean batteries. However, you need to be careful. The battery acid could be harmful to your skin and eyes. It could also stain your clothes and the surface of the driveway. Wash your golf cart in a place where stains will not matter. You should always wear protective clothing and eye protection while cleaning and servicing batteries. Place an automotive drip tray under the golf cart to prevent stains in its storage area. Once you are finished cleaning the batteries, you should spray a protectant on every terminal so that corrosion will be reduced.

There are several benefits to having proper tire pressure. These include easier steering, longer battery life, and longer life span of the tire. A tire with improper pressure can be dangerous. Inspect the tires regularly and be sure that they have the right pressure.


Put the golf cart in neutral as you park them and switch the key off. Leave the parking brake off and utilize blocks to stop the car from rolling if needed. Batteries will discharge slowly when being stored, especially in hot weather. If the golf cart is not being used regularly, the batteries should be charged for a minimum of eight hours every 45 days.

If you need help or more information, contact our service department at (843) 448-7775.

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