Best Ways to Secure Your Golf Car

A quality golf car is an investment that needs to be protected. The ideal and safest means is to secure your golf car in a closed and locked garage. Garage door openers that are waterproof and work with most garage door systems are a convenient accessory. They can even operate with security gates and home lighting, and they mount easily into the dash. 

How can you park and secure your golf car and minimize the risk of theft if garage storage isn’t an option, or when you aren’t at home? Golf car locks are a simple and affordable option. 

Pedal locks go around the gas pedal and prevent it from being depressed. They can install in minutes and may only require an extra hole to be drilled for installation on newer golf car models. 

Pedal-to-wheel locks are another simple and affordable means to deter theft. They prevent the steering wheel from being moved and the accelerator from being pressed if the golf car is stolen. 

The Club Car Utility Lock is also very simple to use, and a strong visual theft deterrent. It attaches your steering wheel to the windshield post. A thief would be unable to turn the steering wheel with this device in use. 

Tire Claw locks also provide quick and simple security for your golf car. They easily fit around your tire and prevent it from rotating. They fit most wheels up to 12” width. 

red and black golf car wheel lock

Many golf car owners also opt to install a unique key switch. The new ignition minimizes the chances of a generic key fitting the ignition. Additionally, keypad locks can be used to disable the golf car’s electrical system until your unique code is entered. 

unique golf car key for added security

Security systems that utilize a key fob will not allow the golf car to start unless the fob is within range. There are also systems that allow owners to track their golf cars. Which can be very useful in locating your golf car in the event that it is stolen. 
Whether you are purchasing a new golf car, or looking to enhance the one that you already own, contact us to learn more about these accessories that can help to keep your golf car safe.