A Basic Guide to Golf Carts

Golf carts have been around since the 1940s. They were initially introduced to allow disabled people to enjoy the golf course easily with their friends. They gradually became popular with other golfers, and today they have adapted to many uses beyond the fairway.

Golf Cart Basics

Golf carts are built to carry from one to six people, and they come in electric or gas varieties. Electric carts are more popular today as they are more environmentally-friendly than the gas variety. Electric golf carts run on batteries which have to be plugged in to recharge. However, some drivers prefer the ability to refuel on-the-go with gas carts. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.

Gas powered golf carts may be more suited to the long trekkers, since you can easily refuel at a gas station. However, many areas disapprove of gas powered carts, and in some states, they are actually banned. Battery powered golf carts require regular charging, and if your batteries run out of juice far from your destination, recharging can be complicated. Some prefer the quieter operation of a battery powered golf cart to their gas counterparts, but understand that you must keep an eye on the charge level of your batteries before heading out on a ride, and never leave a charging golf cart unattended. 

Custom Golf Carts

The custom golf cart has become a well-loved and commonly seen vehicle. Theyโ€™re used on farms, on movie sets, in warehouses, and around the neighborhood. However, they are not allowed on main roads in most jurisdictions. They are typically permitted to only access roads with lower speed limits. Always check the local laws and regulations before driving your golf cart on any public road.

Refurbished Golf Carts

Trading in refurbished and pre-owned golf carts is a big business. Many dealers will be able to offer a good quality cart for much less than the price of a new one. Refurbished carts will be slightly more expensive, because they will have had the electrics and engine checked over, and may have reupholstered seating. A pre-owned golf cart should be purchased with the same attention to detail as buying a new car. 

In summary

Just like any other motorized vehicle, golf carts require regular maintenance. Batteries, fuel systems, and tires require regular observation and preventative care in order to avoid problems. As fun and varied as they are, golf carts are motorized vehicles, and they should be driven and cared for like any other vehicle you would have on the road.

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